Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer Podiums

At Starbucks with Sheila, Felicia, Paul and Steven.

This is my favorite podium shot of the season.  Ok, it's not a podium shot, but it's still a favorite.  This was taken during a coffee break on a D ride.  I spent a lot of time coaching this summer. Victor and I led several orientation rides and D rides for Westchester Cycle Club.  We also led very successful Kid's Rides.  I also coached individuals.  Sheila, for example, has been riding for many years but wanted to get faster on the hills.  Robyn, wanted to do her first triathlon. Stephen was going on a teen bike tour. I was able to help them reach their goals.  I have made many new friends who keep coming back to WCC rides and events.  This sort of cycling is immensely gratifying- it's like I transfuse my love of cycling to others and their joy reflect right back at me.

Now for the podium shots.  I have competed in 7 races this summer and placed in 3 of them.  While many things- from family to work- have kept me very busy, I have found time for training which has really paid off.  I am healthy and very happy.  MS remains in remission.  My theory is that I keep my immune system so busy building and repairing it doesn't have time to attack my central nervous system.
Pawling Mountain- NYS Road Race Championships

Tour of the Catskills- Assault on Devils Kitchen

Silver Mine Time Trial

The big news is that due to the support of Steve Magnus of Iron Bridge Consulting and my Tarmac teammates, as well as my friends and supporters in WCC, we have raised the funds to travel to South Africa and compete in the UCWT Finals.  In just one week, Meg Cea, Jodee Novak and I (accompanied by our fearless leader Ed Novak) will be aboard a plane headed for adventure.  I will post regular updates, so stay tuned.
Also not a podium shot, but a favorite indeed.

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