Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Full Moon Ride

Last Thursday we met at dusk for a ride through the dark. Everyone spent some time adjusting and admiring each other’s lights. There were warnings about safety; bats, skunks and cars were a threat. It was to be a gentle, social ride, mostly on the bike path with a stop for coffee. Our fearless leader, Gus, assured us that the moon would soon rise in its full magnificence. Five men and two women set off for adventure.

The bike path runs through the woods, so we stayed close together as the darkness closed in. There were new people to meet, and I had fun chatting. The day had been brutally hot and very humid. As the air cooled the humidity rose, so even though we weren’t pedaling very hard my skin was wet. The air evaporated the moisture on my skin for a delightful cooling effect.

After a short break we decided to travel further on the road to the dam to better view the moon. Sure enough, there it was rising high in the sky above. As we got onto the open road I felt a childlike urge to fly. Between the moonlight and my powerful lamp I could mostly see the road. There were few cars. While part of me argued to stay with the group, another part took over and started pedaling faster and faster. Soon I blasted out onto the bridge over the reservoir and was treated to the cool silver light of the moon sparkling on the water. I waited on the bridge, enjoying the spectacular display, and soon I spied a UFO approaching. It had six lights that moved more or less together as it came closer. I was ready for them to take me, and as they rode passed, I hopped on and was glad for the company.

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Super said...

It sounds lovely. I had to blast out of town, or I would have loved to be part of this as well.