Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Early White Pond Swim

There are few things I enjoy more than an open water swim. The sun was shining Saturday morning, although it was only about 53 degrees when we got to White Pond at 9:30. It may be optimistic to say the water was about 60. The whole thing had been my idea, and I was taking three new triathletes for their first OWS, so I decided to read my lifeguarding book, especially the chapter on hypothermia, and gather a few supplies (space blanket, hot tea) before setting off.

Our wetsuits were fine for keeping the core warm, but getting our faces in the cold water was quite a shock. To me, it felt like someone slapping me in the face, hard. I had to roll over on my back until the tingling went away. To some of the others, it took their breath away. But, that is not unlike the experience of getting in the water at the sound of a horn with a hundred other people swimming on next to you and on top of you. The trick is to find a calm place to go in your mind and stay there.

Shelly had on a sleeveless, which was just not doing it for her, so she decided to go back. We had a rower with us, so she escorted her to the shore. Jon and Carolyn and I swam to the opposite side. I showed them the rock we were heading for, and how to spot. By the time we got there we were all feeling warm and exhilarated. The swim back was too fast, as I would have liked to stay in White Pond a while longer. Getting out I shouted, “Halleluiah, I have been born again!” because that is what swimming White Pond is like for me.
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Jon said...

That was a fun swim! I am glad I wasn't the only one who had troubles sticking the face in the water!