Sunday, April 27, 2008

Walden Pond

Part One

Louis suggested I come visit sometime and we could ride bikes to Walden Pond. So, I thought, why not ride my bike to Boston? I got on the chats and asked if anyone wanted to have an adventure.

Eve was the first to take me up on it. As it turned out, Eve drove our SAG car (Support And Gear) to Southern Connecticut and the Berkshires, where we rode out each day and returned to stay at her friend Ginna's lovely home.

The best part about this whole leg of the trip was that I made two great new friends. Eve is a former music exec turned English professor and triathlon coach (and guitarist). Ginna is also a former media exec turned novelist and singer/songwriter. Very cool people. Eve and I had 3 amazing days of riding before heading off to Boston and Walden Pond.

This is a short taste of the first part of my adventure. The music is Afro Celt Sound System- My Secret Bliss


Shelly said...

Katie, welcome back! What a great way to spend your spring break. Love your vlog-- keep 'em coming! YOu can add another item to your WCC Top Ten-- like Eve said-- you get to see your butt plastered all over the internet.


Anonymous said...

Great video KT -- I want to get one of those helmet cams!